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The ProPLASTIC Company has been involved in the production and distribution of plastic products and polymeric materials since 2004. At present, it consists of two main divisions, namely:

  • ProPLASTIC Granulex (PPG)
  • ProPLASTIC Product (PPP)

The ProPlastic Product (PPP) Division produces plastic mouldings designed mainly for the automotive and consumer goods industries.

The ProPLASTIC Granulex trade brand was established in 2005 and it is mainly involved in trading in a wide range of polymeric materials. In this division we mainly specialize in distribution of compounds and re-granulates whose quality makes them able to fully replace the primary materials in many cases. Our customers especially appreciate the high quality of our polymeric materials and considerable savings related to their application in serial production. We also trade in granulate materials that come from discontinued production or unnecessary stock. We attach a quality certificate prepared by an accredited laboratory to all our products. The certificate can contain detailed results of up to 10 monitored values.

It is always the maximum satisfaction of our customers that is the main priority for us; therefore, we endeavour to actively search for and offer cheaper alternatives of requested materials while maintaining the required quality. The quickest and simplest way of saving money when purchasing or selling polymeric materials consists in filling in the request form, through which we will process your request as soon as possible. We provide distribution of materials in the minimum quantity of one ton throughout Europe. Within long-term cooperation we offer our partners considerable discounts and support of the development of their plastic-making activity.

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